This year I feel so spoilt for choice when it comes to summer Fashion. So here I've picked a few items (mainly from Tall Fit) from ASOS, New Look & Lindy Bop.

I feel like I've got a good mix here for casual and dressy occasions as well as for the brutal changes in weather the UK seems to get.

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After a frustrating attempt at Bullet Journaling I decided to go back to Erin Condren. 
I had planned to purchase the 12 month life planner back in December 2016 but after seeing quite a few YouTuber's who make planning videos say that the print quality wasn't that great I was very unsure. I didn't want to have any issue with it as I'd be an international buyer and didn't want the to and from hassle. 
With this new planner I saw those same YouTubers be able to get the planner early and do video reviews. I was so excited because Erin Condren had fixed the previous issues, the new life planner came with a whole array of choices for colour and layout but ultimately they had changed their paper quality, so it would be a lot thicker and sturdier.

I ordered the Life Planner along with a few bits and pieces in May as a birthday treat and it came just at the beginning of June. As always it was beautifully packaged. 

I even got some lovely freebies!

Before we delve into the life planner I wanted to go through some of the accessories I purchased with it.
The blue hardbound notebook is one of Erin Condren's newest lines and it's absolutely gorgeous. There was a promotion where you would get one for free whilst stocks last and I was very lucky to get one. I have planned to keep it nice until next year to use as my Blog notebook as I currently have one on the go. 
I purchased some new elastic bands to keep the planner together, a stick on pen holder, a Wellness Log and Monthly Bills tracker.
The Wellness & Finance logs are fantastic. Using a whiteboard marker each week I can track what I eat, how much water I drink and what I spend each week. They clip in and out really easily but I do like to keep another log of finances on the monthly spread as reference.
I also purchased this personalised carry all for the planner. My handbag is like Mary Poppin's and I was worried about it getting damaged but this stops that and also allows me to store my notebook with it too.
As always Erin Condren offers a plan for it pouch. These use to be bound to the back of the planner but there is now the option to stick it in the planner or not. Erin Condren have these fantastic snap on clips and in the picture above you can see one has been provided to stick on and pop the plan for it pouch in the Life Planner. I haven't done this yet, I quite like having the pouch separate to store receipts and loose change.
Ta-Dah! This is the design I went with for my new Life Planner and I'm so thrilled with it. I decided to go with the water colour to match the Carry All Case but I also love that the colour palette co-ordinates with the colour palette inside. 
Opening up onto the first page, the interchangeable covers come with a notes page on the left that works like a whiteboard. The new velour page is stunning, it's lovely quality with the new colourful leaf pattern.
Again there are the quotes pages as you flick through, with the new leaf pattern.
This is new to the planner. Beforehand I had 12 monthly targets, still giving 12 boxes for those who want to use them as monthly targets, they've been simplified for maximum customisation. I especially love the little flags as for me I would title the box next to the flag before making a goal or notes. These are especially handy if you're tracking finances, weight, habits..etc.
Another new layout to the planner is this circle notes page spread. I was very unsure that I would actually get use out of this page. I was wrong, at the moment this is a great page to again track either finances, health, habits...etc but for me this is great to write down new releases or new products that I've seen and can research at a later date. Again on the right hand side you have the lovely inspirational quote on the months tab page.
Opening up onto the weekly spread (as the monthly hasn't changed that much) the new fonts, colours and simple changes to the set up are lovely. 
The box in the top left corner has been made a little longer which is great if you use it to write quotes or store pictures. They've also gotten rid of the little flag underneath which I think was a good step. A lot of people make a few smaller lists rather than one long list and they included flag stickers in the back! I like how they've switched the gradient effect too, before hand it went from light to dark whereas now the dark to light seems to give it more structure. I also like the little detail of flagging the 1st date of the month.
Adding to the lined and dotted note pages at the back you'll find some colouring pages. I think this is so beneficial to those who find colouring relaxing but also for mums on the go who love to plan they always have something for their kids to do in the planner, bonus!
The new stickers you get are gorgeous. I would use these more than buying sticker layouts off Etsy for the circular notes page. I like how they have a metallic finish and they are easily peel-able to straighten up or change over without wrecking the sticker or the paper.
To finish you get your perpetual calendar in their new pouches (which you can purchase more of!) and the back interchangeable cover comes with the same whiteboard notes page.

That is a quick look at my new Life Planner but have a search on YouTube and other blogs at other combinations. 
You have so many changes to the range this year not just with the Life Planner but accessories to. With the Life Planner you can pick from a horizontal, vertical or hourly layout. You can pick a colourful or black and white spread, pick the size, coil colour, whether you want it hard bound or with interchangeable covers and the best things is you can see all these customisation's on the website before purchasing. 
With the accessories I was surprised at how much they expanded their range as the planner comes with some much already! There are new sticker books, writing tools, and snap in charts, there is just so much to not only boost your productivity but to fit to your lifestyle.

I am absolutely blown away with the new Erin Condren and as always I recommend it to those who Blog, create YouTube content, have their own business or are Teachers as it's just perfect!

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Today's post is just a quick look into my Journey with Bullet Journaling.

What is Bullet Journaling?
Bullet Journaling has been described as the "customisable and forgiving organisation system". It is designed to hold everything from your to do lists and daily schedules to diary entries about your life and documenting your mental health.

Why I decided to try Bullet Journaling
Deciding to try Bullet Journaling was something I thought about over the busy Christmas period. I had spiralled into a higher state of anxiety and needed somewhere to vent without starting / carrying another notebook and it seemed like a good idea to have one book I can keep everything in. At the time I was going to repurchase an Erin Condren Life Planner but I had heard so many issues about print quality and I didn't want to have to deal with those problems if they arrived, being an international buyer.

What my "kit" was
I decided to go with the Leuchtturm Bullet journal as it was the most popular amongst the community and was said that a lot of pens wouldn't soak through the page. When purchasing the journal there were a few Staedtler items in the "people who also purchased, brought these" section. I decided to use the ballpoint pens to colour code what I was writing about and the colours for decorating and doodling.

How I found setting up
I was really nervous about the set up. I like to keep everything as neat as possible and even with a ruler, I repeatedly had to rub out and redraw layouts.
I decided to have set pages for lists I make like Films to see or Books to read and set them up at the front before delving into weekly set ups. It did take time to do and even though I found it calming I found myself disappointed in the design I chose or the colours I used and I kept thinking I could I have been more creative. 
I was comparing my Bullet Journal to other's I'd see on Pinterest and Instagram and the whole point is to find your own way to do it. I then started setting up my weeks how I would have previously with my Erin Condren.

Did I use as much?
I used the bullet journal for a total of 5 weeks before I found it too time consuming to use how I wanted to use it. I could of carried it on without a specific layout or without colour coding but it would of in a weird way make me feel like I wasn't being productive.
Comparing it to the Erin Condren, I missed using stickers and I found that I work well and plan better when having those sticker layouts.

The Pro's of Bullet Journaling

  • Keeps everything together in one notebook.
  • Can be an amazing opportunity to delve into your own mental health.
  • You don't have to set a budget for it each month. A lot of planner people budget to buy stickers but with this there's no necessity for it.

The Con's of Bullet Journaling
  • If you are not an artistic person you can find building layouts frustrating.
  • You can find yourself comparing your designs to everyone else's on Social Media.
  • You may not want your feelings written in a book that goes everywhere with you, in case you lose it.
  • For me I missed using sticker layouts.
  • Some pens did bleed through the pages and I would then leave pages blank.
  • You don't have a year at a glance unless you've specifically planned that in. I didn't so planning ahead was difficult. I'd find myself unable to pinpoint if I'd be on a second or third notebook around a date a few months ahead.
  • I then wondered with the set pages would I have to transfer them to each notebook or would I then end up between two notebooks again.
  • I found myself having separate notebooks again.

Going back to Erin Condren
In the end I found Bullet Journaling a Huge frustration. For months I ended up without a planner because I decided to go back to Erin Condren. Their new planner launched in May and there will be a review of that coming soon.

What do you think of Bullet Journaling? Is it something you would try?

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As always, I'd suggest popping into your local Clinton's if you are still looking for gift ideas this Father's Day. As well as traditional "dad" gifts there are a whole host of branded gifts to choose from.

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